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  干燥剂英语怎么说?跟客人说desiccant但他不明白,让我解释是什么东西,鞋类的,我是想问客户要不要放干燥剂?答,desiccant是正解,或者您可以说A thing that can keep the goods in dry condition.

  用silica gel来翻译也可以,以前我们客人也是用这个.说道干燥剂想起件事。那时我的boss的boss是个英国人。当时说到一个产品要放干燥剂的事,是客户临时决定的。要买进来得两天的时间,生产上因此就只能停一下。我临时查到了dessicant这个词,但是显然这个英国人也不知道这个词。他说不出来,他用了别的说法来代替,说到这个干燥剂他就说that small bag。


  1.一种溶解性的盐,用于除冰和作干燥剂。A deliquescent salt; used in de-icing and as a drying agent.

  2.测试了新型复合干燥剂和硅胶的平衡吸附性能。A new composite desiccant used in the manufacture of dehumidifier was tested.

  3.性能Properties:适用于10-100ml颗粒状物料的包装,用于菜包和盐包、干燥剂、茶叶等。applicable to10-100 ml of granular materials, packing bag for food package and salt, desiccant, tea, etc.

  4.现在的多功能塑料制品的生产在一个单一的进程,并以综合干燥剂。Now the multifunction plastic products are produced in one single process and with an integrated desiccant.

  5.谁会去调查洗衣机和干燥剂机呢?Who would be looking in the washer and dryer?

  6.这种新系统的干燥剂可一再使用,只需经由过程加热使其领受的水蒸发失踪即可。 The desiccant can be reused simply by heating it up to boil off the water it's absorbed.

  7.主要产品有硅胶干燥剂、生石灰干燥剂、等。The main products are silica gel desiccant, lime desiccant, et al.

  8.十九世纪里,在使用干燥剂加速油墨干燥方面取得了进展。During the nineteenth century, advances were made in the use of driers to speed the drying of ink.

  9.该UMR系列迷你再生干燥剂干燥提供了许多应用的总清洗液更多 The UMR Series Mini Regenerative Desiccant Dryer offers a total cleaning solution for many applications more

  10.目前国内绝大部分硅胶产品是价格低廉的干燥剂硅胶。Most silica gel products are cheap price drier silica gel at present in the homeland.

  11.可从干燥剂重量的增加来确定绝对温度。From the increase in the weight of the desiccant the absolute humidity can be determined.

  12.在抽屉和壁橱里的周围摆上雪松,干燥剂让你远离蛀虫(和孔洞)的烦恼。Line drawers and closets with cedar sachets to keep moths ( and holes) at bay.

  13.我公司是专业生产各类干燥剂防潮的生产贸易型公司。Our company is specializing in the production of various types of desiccant moisture production trade type company.


  Cobalt and its compounds are used in electroplating and colouring ceramics and glass and as lamp filaments, catalysts, a trace element in fertilizers, and paint and varnish driers.

  15.利用干燥剂埋没干燥法及不同化学溶液前处理的方法,研究了玫瑰干花制作过程中的护形问题。 By using drier-packing ways and different pre-handling methods of soaking the flowers in chemic solution, the problems of keeping shape have researched.

  16.除氧剂、干燥剂、保鲜剂制售;粮油食品销售。Chuyang agents, desiccant, preservation of manufacturing and selling agent; With food sales.

  17.奶粉,面粉,豆奶粉,干燥剂,医药粉等。Powder, like milk powder, flour, soybean powder Medicine powder, etc.

  18.作为包装用硅胶干燥剂,广泛用于精密仪器、皮革、鞋、服装、食品、药品和家用电器等。As silica gel desiccant for packaging, they are widely used in precision instruments, leather, shoes, clothing, food, medicines and household appliances.

  19.包装用活性干燥剂的美国军方标准。The packaging uses the American military standard of the active drier.

  20.加能特干燥剂有限公司以合理的价格,过硬的质量,欢迎新老客户的光临!Limited to special desiccant plus a reasonable price, excellent quality, weLCome the new and old customers coming!

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