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外贸知识100问之84,怎么劝客户有L/C改做T/T?我一个土耳其的客户要求三个集装箱的货物, 上周五晚上我跟他谈好要做即期加保兑的不可撤销信用证.今天经理说因为我们是大宗货物出口, 利润低,如果作信用证就只是跟客户赔钱.现在我需要做的是跟客户重新谈判, 让客户接受T/T.

问题:1.该怎么解释能让客户接受T/T ?

2.70吨货物的信用证费用是多少?我一个土耳其的客户要求三个集装箱的货物, 上周五晚上我跟他谈好要做即期加保兑的不可撤销信用证.

Dear Mr <Client name>

How are you today? hope you are doing great!

It was nice of you to confirm the order with payment term confirm L/C at sight

and I feel so sorry to inform you the below news:

as i was talking with General Manager this morning, i was informed that we have very liTTle profit at the price we offer to you. our profit is even less than the L/C bank charges! therefore, would you mind if we change the payment term into 30% T/T as deposit the balance T/T aganst B/L copy? otherwise, we will have to add all the bank charges into the unit price, means you will need to bear all the bank charges if you insist to the payment term of L/C. i truely hope that you could understand my situation! and i am looking forward to your earliest advice for this problem.



2. 找一家你有L/C 帐户的银行资询。这个跟货值有关。USD10000-20000 一般RMB2000可以含得住。

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